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Kelvin Sampson: "The first thing we do after a game is we have to flush the game we just played."

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UPDATED: December 3, 2018 -- 4:00 p.m. CST

POSTED: December 3, 2018 -- 12:50 p.m. CST

HOUSTON, TX (Guy V. Lewis Development Facility) -- The Houston Cougars (6-0) are preparing to face the Lamar Cardinals (4-4) Tuesday night (7 p.m. tip-off). Saturday's win by the Coogs over Oregon is in the rearview mirror.

"We practiced yesterday. The first thing we do after a game is we have to flush the game we just played," Houston Head Coach Kelvin Sampson said this morning. "We have a rating system we use. Plus / minus. We go through that. We do subtitles. We take different areas of the game. Break them down: good and bad. Then, we move on to the next one."

Coach Sampson gave me an overview of the Cardinals.

"I think Lamar's challenge that we're going to have with them is I don't know if they have any inconsistencies in their talent level," Sampson said. "I don't think that they have a great player; but, they're all good.

"Jordan Hunter (5'11", 180) point guard. The kid that transferred -- started at New Mexico when he was a freshman. Very talented kid. Can play out of pick-and-rolls; he can pass it; he can score it; he can drive it. But, he's a talent."

"Their leading scorer is Nick Garth (6'0", 191). A kid from Houston (Cypress Lake High School). He does everything good: he shoots it; he shoots it in transition; aggressive; aggressive scorer; he can drive it. I'm sure he'll come in here with a chip on his shoulder: all Houston kids do when they come to play us.

"Edwin Jeudy (6'7", 210) - kid they just put in the starting line-up against Rice. He was their leading scorer. T.J. Atwood (6'6", 203) and (Josh) Nzeakor (6'8", 230).

"That's their starting five. All five of those guys can get 15 to 20. Sometimes you have a kid that does just this but is not really a scorer. They have five guys that can get 15 to 20. Then, they bring (Laquarious) Paige (6'3, 180) and (Michael) Kolawole (6'5", 200) off the bench. So, they got size. They got speed. They got athleticism. They've got a very coach in Tic Price. They played excellent at Rice (Lamar won 75-68). I was really impressed. Our staff has been watching that game and some of the other games that they've played the last couple of days.

"Impressed with them. I think that they have a good team. I'll be surprised if they don't have a good year."

Next, Sampson updated me on how Houston's Fabian White Jr. looked in Sunday's practice. In June, Fabian had foot surgery. He received medical clearance last Wednesday; as a result, Saturday's game against Oregon was Fabian's first minutes of game action thus far this season.

"He (Fabian) looked good yesterday," Coach Sampson acknowledged. "We held him out of a lot of stuff; but, the day after a game - the game got over so late. I'm sure the final horn sounded after 10 or a little after 10. Coaches meet early to do all of our post-game work: grade the film; make sure we have the edit ready to show the team. We met about 11, 11:30; then, the team came in about 2 p.m. We probably spent 45 minutes in the film room; and, then, went on the court.

"We put in some things. Tweaked some things. Fabian really hasn't practiced. So, we put in a lot of stuff that he didn't know about. So, what we did the other night when he was in the game was just plain vanilla because he hasn't been in there to do some of the stuff that we'd done against BYU for instance. We showed stuff against BYU that we hadn't shown all year and didn't show it the other night because Fabian didn't know it. But, we tried to catch him up to speed. He did a little bit yesterday. Now, he'll be a full go today. We should be at full speed today. We should have everybody. We've had kind of a band-aid crew for most of the season. People who were out, injured; but, I think - knock on wood - I think we might have everybody today for the first time."


"I haven't determined, yet. I'm pretty sure it will be this week though," Coach Sampson said regarding guard DeJon Jarreau's return to game action.

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