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Chris Paul: "It's a fun way to play."

Posted: October 3, 2018

The Houston Rockets high-powered offense is more than the "3 is more than 2" philosophy; but, the success of the offense is based on personnel (of course) plus something subtle: fun.

Point guard Chris Paul says, "It's fun. It's a fun way to play. You shoot. You play. You defend. You hoop."

Newcomer Michael Carter-Williams concurs. MCW says Head Coach Mike D'Antoni's offense is fun.

"Here, you come to the court. You just play your game," Carter-Williams said. "I think Coach does a really good job of putting people in the right spots; so, they can play free and be yourself. If you look at everybody on the floor, Melo (Carmelo Anthony)does what he does. Chris does what he does. James (James Harden) does what does.

"I try to come in and do what I do best. I think that's the goal. You want everybody to do what he does best. I think that's the goal to go out there and come together as a whole."

Chris Paul added, "I think the biggest thing that guys have to get used to, and I'm always constantly talking to guys about, is that we play like it's a fun way. Nobody cuts their eyes at you when you take a shot. Nobody is keeping track about how many shots guys are shooting.

Paul said candidly, "Nobody cares who has this many three attempts or whatever. Just play. And, hopefully, at the end of the game, we've got more points than the other team. It's a fun way to play basketball."


The NBA announced it will emphasize four Points of Education this season: Freedom of movement on the perimeter, freedom of movement in the post, Respect for the Game and traveling.

Freedom of movement on the perimeter and in the post means referees will blow the whistle when players clutch / hold opponents.

Thus far in the preseason, the refs, seemingly, are blowing the whistle nonstop. In Tuesday's 131-115 Rockets' win over the Memphis Grizzlies, 71 fouls were called and 75 free throws were attempted.

Before Wednesday's practice, Chris Paul shared his thoughts on the "freedom of movement" emphasis:

"They gotta work on it. Seriously."

"Being with the Competition Committee with Kyle Lowry and stuff like that, obviously, it's preseason and different things gotta get ironed out and worked out," Paul added. "That's why they implement things.

"But, yeah, we gotta figure this out," Paul continued. "A lot of tick-tack stuff being called right now. I mean; but, it's early. Us players, we gotta figure out how to adjust as do the officials."

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Chris Paul discusses the NBA's "point of emphasis" regarding the "freedom of movement": "We gotta figure this out. A lot of tick-tack stuff being called right now. But, it's early. Us players, we gotta figure out how to adjust as do the officials."

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