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Note: As of October 2003,  analyses are now included in the daily updates.

2001 - 2002 In Season NBA Trades (November thru April)

2001 NBA Off-Season Trades (June thru October)

2000 - 2001 In Season NBA Trades (November thru April)

2000 NBA Off-Season Trades (June thru October)

'99 - '00 In - Season Trades (November thru April)

'99 Off-Season Trades (June thru October)

'98 - '99 (1999) Trades (January thru March)

'98 NBA Off Season Trades (May - June)

Trades During the '97 - '98 NBA Season (Nov. thru April; listed from April back to Nov.)

'97 NBA Off - Season Trades (June thru October; listed from Oct. back to June)

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