My 2000 NCAA Tournament Picks (Men's)

According to Kris Gardner


Note: Teams in red are the picks I got wrong.

First Round Winners:

East: Duke; DePaul; Florida; Illinois; Pepperdine; Oklahoma State; Oregon, and Temple.

Midwest: Michigan State; Utah; Kentucky; Syracuse; UCLA; Maryland; Auburn; and Iowa State.

South: Stanford; North Carolina; Utah State; Tennessee; Miami, Fla.; Ohio State; Tulsa; and Cincinnati.

West: Arizona; Fresno State; Texas; LSU; Dayton; Oklahoma; Gonzaga; and St. John's

Second Round Winners:

East: Duke; Florida; Oklahoma State; and Temple.

Midwest: Michigan State; Syracuse; Maryland; and Iowa State.

South: Stanford; Tennessee; Ohio State; and Cincinnati.

West: Arizona; Texas; Oklahoma; and St. John's.

Regional Semifinal Winners:

East: Duke and Temple.

Midwest: Michigan State and Iowa State.

South: Stanford and Ohio State.

West: Arizona and St. John's.

Regional Winners:

East: Duke.

Midwest: Michigan State.

South: Ohio State.

West: St. John's.

Final Four Semifinal Winners: Duke and Michigan State.

National Champion: Michigan State.

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