My 1999 Tourney Picks: Who's Going to Win the Women's Basketball Championship

According to Kris Gardner

Teams in red are picks I got wrong.

First Round Winners:

East: Tennessee, Ohio State, Auburn, Virginia Tech, Tulane, Duke, Stanford, and Old Dominion.

Mideast: UConn, Florida International, Oregon, Iowa State, SMU, Georgia, Illinois, and Clemson.

Midwest: Purdue, Kansas, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, Rutgers, NC State, and Texas Tech.

West: Louisiana Tech, Virginia, Notre Dame, LSU, Kentucky, UCLA, Southwest Missouri State, and Colorado State.

Second Round Winners:

East: Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Duke, and Old Dominion.

Mideast: UConn, Iowa State, Georgia, and Clemson.

Midwest: Purdue, North Carolina, Rutgers, and Texas Tech.

West: Louisiana Tech, Notre Dame, UCLA, and Colorado State.

Regional Semifinal Winners:

East: Tennessee and Duke.

Mideast: UConn and Georgia.

Midwest: Purdue and Rutgers.

West: Notre Dame and UCLA.

Regional Winners:

East: Tennessee.

Mideast: Georgia.

Midwest: Purdue.

West: Notre Dame.

Final Four Semifinal Winners:

Tennessee and Purdue.

National Champion: Tennessee. Congratulations to the Purdue Lady Boilermakers on defeating Duke 62 - 45 and capturing their first championship.

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