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Monday, December 01, 2008

Comets to Disband

HOUSTON, TX --- Houston's Fox Sports 26 is reporting the Houston Comets will be disbanded by the WNBA. The league will hold a dispersal draft next Monday, December 8.

WNBA President Donna Orender is quoted in the article.

Read the article: "Houston Comets to Cease Operations"

An end of a great era is upon us.

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  • At Mon Dec 01, 11:02:00 PM CST, Blogger Rebecca said…

    This is so far beyond messed up that it's ridiculous. I feel for you guys. The league without the Comets- and especially the Liberty without the Comets- just won't be the same. A complete clusterfuck by all parties, and it's the fans who get screwed.

  • At Tue Dec 02, 10:09:00 AM CST, Anonymous True Fan said…

    Thank you to all of the faithful to complain, slacking in support fans of the Houston Comets. I thank all og you who come to blog sites to complain, but never do anything to keep the ladies here.

    I thank each of you you feel that women don't match up to the play of men. Those who feel that it's not real basketball.

    I thank all of you who get mad for not getting a t-shirt thrown your way, having to pay less for parking than any other professional team in Houston. I thank all of youthat complained about the Compaq Center, then complained about the Toyota Center and Reliant Arena.

    I thank all of you fairweather fans that fell off when the road got rough, when other teams that don't have ANY championships support them win or lose.

    It's our fault. The Fan. If we would have been there as a whole to show Houston supports women, just as much as any other sport; if you took the same energy to encourage instead of distract.

    I thank ALL of you!

    The Houston Comets #1 Fan from day one and have retained my 6 floor seats, happily and humbly. So unless you have spent on the Comets as much as I have, don't come crying now!

  • At Tue Dec 02, 11:47:00 AM CST, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you Round Ball Review for your continued interest in Houston Women's Sports. I also want to thank all who supported the Comets all these years,especially Margo Robertson No. 1 Fan shown on the last tickets at the Toyota Center. I continue to follow women,s hoops wherever they are played.
    BP, Santa Rosa CA


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