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HRR's 2001 Men's NCAA Tournament Picks

By: Kris Gardner who talks hoops on Houston radio stations.

Printable NCAA Tournament Brackets: .GIF | .PDF

First Round | Second Round | Regional SemifinalChampion

Note: Teams in red are the picks I got wrong.

Updated at 8:00 pm CST on March 24.

Opening Round: Winthrop.

First Round Winners:

East: Duke; Missouri; Utah State; UCLA; USC; Boston College; Iowa; and Kentucky.

West: Stanford; Georgia Tech; Cincinnati; Indiana; Georgia State; Maryland; Georgetown; and Iowa State.

Midwest: Illinois; Charlotte; Hawai`i; Kansas; Notre Dame; Mississippi; Wake Forest; and Arizona.

South: Michigan State; California; Gonzaga; Oklahoma; Temple; Florida; Providence; and North Carolina.

Second Round Winners:

East: Duke; UCLA; Boston College; and Kentucky.

West: Stanford; Indiana; Maryland; and Iowa State.

Midwest: Illinois; Kansas; Mississippi; and Arizona.

South: Michigan State; Gonzaga; Florida; and North Carolina.

Regional Semifinal Winners:

East: Duke and Kentucky | West: Stanford and Maryland

Midwest: Illinois and Arizona. | South: Michigan State and Florida.

Regional Winners:

East: Duke | West: Stanford | Midwest: Arizona | South: Florida

Final Four Semifinal Winners: Stanford and Arizona.

National Champion: Stanford.

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